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AI Birthday Card Generator: What to Say in a Birthday Card

People celebrate their birthdays differently. Some might like things private and low-key while others might be all about the presents and the cake. However, one thing that most people will appreciate is a great birthday card.

If you’re not sure of what to say on the birthday you want to write, you’re in the right place. Truth is, writing a good birthday card mainly requires a steady hand and a good heart.

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In General, What Should You Write on a Birthday Card?

Before we get into the main principles, let’s look at some of the basics. You can apply the following examples to almost any birthday card. Generally speaking, a birthday should contain the following:

  1. A salutation (You should always use their name)
  2. “Happy Birthday” (This must feature somewhere in the birthday card exactly as it is)
  3. Positive messages or wishes (You can highlight these in many different ways)
  4. The right sign-off (Usually determined by the relationship you have)

Don’t make the birthday message too long. Try using just a few sentences, it’s a birthday and not a best-selling novel after all.

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How to Write a Birthday Card

Even though there are some who have no trouble quickly jotting down a few positive messages on a birthday card, others might find this same task very difficult.

Finding more words than just “Happy Birthday” isn’t as easy as it often seems, but using something less generic will always help make the card a bit more special.  

There are a few things you can do to help make your birthday card more memorable and meaningful. One of them is to add a personal touch and mix things up with the wishes. Try using inside jokes or fond memories only the two of you know.

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Funny & Beautiful Birthday Greetings and Wishes Ideas

A few sweet, short words will always help make the card a little bit more special. Some beautiful and funny greetings and wishes ideas include:

  •  “Hope this day will be one you’ll remember forever”
  • “Love and warmest wishes on your special day”
  • “Wishing you the happiest birthday”
  • “The world’s a better place with you in it. Happiest Birthday”
  •  “You deserve all that’s coming your way this year. Happy [Age] Birthday”
  • “[Name], hope you have the best [Age] birthday ever”

If you can, always try to add some compliments to bring the whole message together.

Happy Birthday Message For a Family Member

Using personal details to write a birthday card will help make it feel a ta bit more special. Consider how close the family member is to you and write the card accordingly.

For a Child

You usually don’t have to say a lot when writing birthday cards for children. Why? Because even those who know how to read are too excited at the time to sit down and read a long message. Keep things fun, sweet, and short, for example:

  • “[Age] years of being awesome. That’s you!”
  •  “All hail the birthday prince! Have a royally happy birthday [Name]”
  • “[Name], you are getting so big. Happiest [Age] Birthday. We love you!”
  • “Happiest birthday to the best new [Age] year old ever”
  • “Hooray! You’re [Age] today. Happy Birthday [Name}”

For Mum

The kind of relationship you share with your mother is what usually determines what you’ll write on her birthday card. In general, appreciation, love, and positive messages are always great ideas. Here are some examples:

  • “No Mama is better than you. Love you loads”
  •  “Happiest Birthday, with lots of love and heartfelt greetings, to my wonderful, beautiful, wise, and one-and-only Mama”
  •  “Wishing a lovely day to the best Mum in the whole wide world”
  • “Hope you relax this day and remember how much I love you”
  •  “Wish I was there with you Mum. Have a blast, Miss you loads”

For Dad

Warm wishes, love, and thankful messages make for great birthday cards, even for dads as well. Again, like with mum, the relationship you share should guide what you say, for instance:

  • “To my hero, my loving and super Dad, Happy Birthday!”
  • “It means the world having you as my Dad. Happiest Birthday!”
  • “Having you as a Dad makes me the luckiest child in the world. Happy Birthday, Papa!”
  • “For the days you have always got my back. For all the lessons you have taught me. For everything. Thank you and Happy Birthday Dad!”
  • “You have never failed me and have always been there. For that, thanks and Happy Birthday, Dad!”

For a Sibling

You’re probably going to be giving many birthday cards to your siblings throughout the years you’re all on this earth. So mix things up as much as possible. Sometimes write short messages while other times write longer personal messages. Some examples include:

  • “Every year, I’m more and more thankful to have you as my [Gender]. Happy Birthday [Name]!”
  • “[Name], you’re bursting with so much life. Hope you have the happiest birthday ever!”
  • “I still remember when mum and dad brought you home.  Haven’t stopped loving you since. Happy Birthday [Name]!”
  • “You’re my hero. I can’t think of a better [Gender]. Happy Birthday [Name]!”
  •  “So proud of who you’ve become. Have a happy birthday [Name]!”

What Nice Things to Say in a Birthday Card For Someone Special

A birthday is a great time to celebrate the one that you love the most. Whether you are new relationship or you’ve been together for years, your loved one’s birthday is the best time to show how you love them.

For Your Girlfriend

Here’s what you should consider saying to your special lady:

  • “Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife, [Name]. I love you”
  • “Thank you for being there for me through everything my sweet [Name]. Happy Birthday”
  • “Happy birthday, sweetheart. Have the best day ever”
  • “You’re my best girl. Thank you”
  • “You’re my whole world. Have the best birthday ever”

For You Boyfriend

If you’re writing a birthday card for your man, think about these:

  • “Thank you for being mine. Happy Birthday, babe”
  •  “Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the world. I love you”
  • “I hope you have the most special day, sweetheart. Happy Birthday”
  • “Have the best birthday ever love. Happy Birthday, [Name]”
  • “My birthday wish is that you have a blast, babe. Happy Birthday”

These are just but a few things you can say to either your girlfriend or your boyfriend.

Meaningful Happy Birthday Quotes for a Friend

Writing a birthday card to a friend can be tricky. Most want to write something personal and heartfelt but don’t want to come across overly sentimental. You need to strike a good balance, and here are some examples:

  • “Happy birthday, [Name]! I appreciate your friendship and hope you have a fantastic day.”
  • “You’re the greatest when it comes to friends, [Name]. I hope you have the happiest birthday because you deserve it.”
  • “This is your special day, [Name]. Go all out! Happy birthday.”
  • “A year older a year wiser. This is your year, [Name]. Happy Birthday.”
  • “Thinking of how much of a great friend you are and wishing you the happiest birthday ever.”

What to Say in a Birthday Card to a Coworker

The relationship you have with your co-worker is what should guide you when writing this kind of birthday card. You can be casual if you share a close relationship. However, if it’s your boss or someone with whom your relationship is strictly professional, then keep things formal. Here are some examples:

  • “Happy Birthday and have a great year.”
  • “It’s a pleasure working with you. I wish you the best on your special day.”
  • “A little play after work can’t hurt anybody. Don’t work too hard today. It’s your birthday.”
  •  “You make work bearable. Have a wonderful day, [Name]. Happy Birthday.”
  • “Happy Birthday to the warmest and funniest person at work.”
  • “Have a happy birthday, sir/madam. It’s great working with you.”
  •  “You’re a great leader and you deserve the best. Happy Birthday, boss.”

What to Say in a Birthday Card for Someone you Don’t Know Well

Sometimes you might have to write a card for someone you don’t know too well. If you want to say more than just the standard “Happy Birthday” but you’re not sure what’s appropriate, here are a few things you should consider saying:

  • “Happy Birthday! Have a prosperous year ahead.”
  •  “All the best on your special day. Hope you have the happiest of birthdays.”
  • “Wishing you everything and more on this special day. Happy Birthday!”
  • “May today be your best birthday ever. Have a blast!”
  • “Best wishes on this special day. Happy Birthday, [Name].

What to Say in a Belated Birthday Card

Hopefully, you never forget the birthday of someone you care about. However, life happens all the time. Here are a few ways you can address your misstep while still enjoying the day with them:

  • “I apologize for missing your special day, [Name]. Happy belated birthday.”
  • “Okay, I’ll make up for missing your special day somehow. Happy birthday, [Name].”
  •  “This birthday card is not late. It intentionally arrived later so the celebrations could last longer. Happy Birthday, [Name].”
  • “Sorry for the late card. I remembered you had a birthday but just forgot the date. Anyway, happy birthday, [Name].”


So now you know what you need to write on the birthday card and how to write it. However, you still need to know how to sign off too. Okay, it’s not as tricky as crafting the message itself but you still need to put a little thought into it. Just always try and keep the kind of relationship you have in mind.

And with that said, hopefully, now you know what to say on a birthday card whoever the recipient may be.