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AI Song Lyric Generator: Find Rhymes For Any Song

Writing creative melodies and lyrics can be hard sometimes. When you have writer’s block, or when you think all the songs you’ve written sound the same, an AI lyrics generator might be able to help you overcome that hurdle.

This article will show you why you should strongly consider using an AI lyrics generator to write great song lyrics.

What is a Lyric Generator Exactly?

An AI lyric generator allows you to create great song lyrics based on the genre, theme or any other parameters you choose to set. There are many different kinds of AI generators. Some can write entire songs while others just a single line based on the user’s input.

However, some of the best in the industry allows the user to actively write songs on the platform using all the input you’ve already given. 

How Good is the Generated Text?

The text that comes from an AI lyrics generator is quite good. However, you’ll need to proofread and double-check to make sure everything is what you want it to be. 

Are Song Lyric Generators Easy to Use?

The simplest AI lyric generators are the ones that generate songs based on words the user inputs. These generators don’t require you to do many things before you can get your great lyrics.

Lyrics generators can also help musicians and songwriters familiarize themselves with different musical styles which will help make it even easier to use the AI lyric generator to come up with great songs.

How Does an AI Song Lyric Generator Work?

Small details can make a huge difference when you’re using an AI lyrics generator to write a song. For starters, you need to provide the AI generator with clear instructions. Specify your theme or genre to help make it easier for the generator to retrieve what you’re looking for. Define the specific tone or mood you’d like your lyrics to convey.

Secondly, you can use your personal ideas to polish some of the lyrics already on the generator. You can use the platform merely for inspiration. Take its lyrics and then incorporate your own creativity and ideas into the final product. Adding your own personal touch to help make the final output more unique to you.

Can I Sell AI-Generated Lyrics?

Of course, you can sell lyrics and songs made using an AI lyrics generator. However, you need to make sure the platform you are using has no restrictions. In addition, you also need to make sure that someone hasn’t already used the lyrics or songs you generate from the tool. Some AI-generated products might have copyright protection, and not be public domain.

How Can an AI Make a Song?

Most AI lyric generators use deep learning methods based on analyzing huge amounts of information. The generator collects a lot of songs and music, processes them, and then feeds this information to its AI. This is also how it generates lyrics using your input.

The first lyrics may not be exactly what you want, but it gets better the more you fine-tune your details and clearly specify your requirements. Once it has all the data it needs, it can create look-alike lyrics and melodies.

AI Lyrics Generator For Different Music Genres

You can use an AI lyrics generator to create different kinds of music genres. If you’re not good at writing country songs but you want to try your hand at that kind of music, an AI lyric generator can help you do that.

A rap lyrics generator can help you come up with your next hip-hop hit. All you have to do is key in the right details and you could just be the next Kanye West. However, it doesn’t stop there. You can also use an AI lyrics generator to create fantasy lyrics for gaming purposes.

Will an AI Song Maker Replace the Song Writer?

Even though AI song makers can do incredible things, they still can’t beat the human element just yet. Like with languages, music, and songs are all about communication. 

So, while AI tech has great skills it still doesn’t have much to say. Only when you use the platform to help express yourself is when you can truly feel its value.

GPT songwriting can help you generate good songs but if you want to make them great, you’ll want to incorporate some of your own personal touches to the final product.

Using the Lyrics Maker by TaskLab Ai: Step-by-Step Instructions

Most lyrics generators aren’t hard to use. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to generate music using the TaskLab AI lyrics maker:

How to Write Song Lyrics Using a Template

First, you need to know the kind of message you want your song to send. Once you determine this it’ll be easier to find templates that you can easily amend and customize. A template will make it easier for you to organize the sections of your song.

Random Verse Generator

You can make whole verses using a random verse generator. Put your own spin to the final products so the verses can deliver the message you’re trying to send.

Generate your Chorus

Determine a theme or genre and then use that to help you generate a good chorus. You can also use some of your favorite lines from the verses and use that data to come up with a catchy chorus unique to the song.

The main idea of the whole song is in the chorus, so if you’re writing this first, you’ll need to use the general message of the song to help you develop a good chorus.

Give your song a catchy title

Once you have the verses and chorus you need to bring the whole song together and name it. AI song title generators are also good at generating both album titles and song names. Try to make everything as simple as possible because lengthy verses and titles tend to compound problems.

Here’s where you also decide your song form. However, most music tracks use the same form. This form is verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus. Try and figure out how you want the whole song to sound in the end and how you want to introduce your message to your listeners.

Review and Edit the Lyrics

Don’t be afraid to remove some of the things you don’t need. You don’t have to keep all the cliché lines. Know what you want to say with your lyrics and try to stick to that. Every part of the song should advance your story in some form. If it’s not doing that, you may need to reconsider some lines or verses.

Additionally, if you have many cliché lines or lyrics in the song make sure they’re serving a purpose. Sure, lyrics should generally be relatable and familiar, but you can always say the same thing in a fun and interesting way.

Check the Song for Plagiarism

Checking your song for plagiarism is similar to how you’d check any regular text. All you have to do is copy all the words of the song and run them through a plagiarism checker. Some of the top AI lyrics generators include this feature on the platform.


Writing an original song, especially a hit, can be harder than most people think. Fortunately, AI technology is helping make things a lot easier. If you’re finding it hard to write great song lyrics, think about getting some help from TaskLab AI Song Lyric Generator. You won’t regret it.